Is an Irish Setter right for you?

All sporting breeds are sociable. They are meant to work and live closely with their people. Gentle dispositions are the ideal, and are typical.

Irish Setters live life with enthusiasm. They are jokesters and are easily amused. Irish Setters enjoy simple pleasures like a good run, chasing butterflies, bird watching, and going on rabbit patrols.

The perfect Irish Setter day is 50-70 degrees, mostly sunny with a nice breeze if you please.

They enjoy playing in snow, but disdain bitter cold.

Liam testing out the quality of the sunspot on the sofa.

Liam testing out the quality of the sunspot on the sofa.

Irish Setters like their creature comforts. The softest place to sleep is the best place to sleep. They are happy to share your bed and your pillow, if opportunity arises.

Setters are intelligent and curious. Irish Setters love their toys and playing games. They do not appreciate being ignored, and will find projects that will get your attention if need be. Their slight tendency to good natured mischief is offset by their soulful eyes and soft expression.

Irish Setters require frequent coat careā€”at minimum the coat must be combed and brushed to be knot free. Grooming an Irish Setter is not hard, and we will help you learn to groom your own dog.


Fences are a big asset with this breed.

Like most sporting breeds, Irish Setters have a lot of energy. They are athletic, have good noses, and want to explore the world. They are hunting dogs, and a lazy dog doesn’t bring many birds to the table.Many people choose not to use their Irish Setters to hunt, but their energy remains and needs to find an appropriate outlet.

Dogs can run faster than people, and can quickly disappear from their owner’s sight and out of hearing. Irish Setters can reliably respond to off lead commands, but this takes a lot of training.

Sometimes dogs have selective hearing; what is more interesting, you or the rabbit, bird, or other dog across the park?