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Contact us for a puppy/adult questionnaire.

You are welcome to contact us with any questions about Irish Setters. John and Gail have more than 45 years of experience with this wonderful breed; Tami is a second generation Irish Setter person.

We are located near Madison, Wisconsin. You may meet our dogs in person at Milwaukee Irishfest (Aug), at Badger Kennel Club Dog Fair (Nov), at dog shows, or at Badger Kennel Club, or keep up with us on Anamacara Irish Setter’s Facebook page.

Our breeding philosophy

We believe in breeding the highest quality litters possible; we invest a great deal of time and money to produce the best Irish Setters we can. With each litter, we are focused on improving the next generation and our breeding program.

Each breeding is carefully researched and planned. We consider structure, temperament, health clearances, and pedigree and strive to produce excellent individuals and consistent litters with quality in every puppy.

We believe the buying public—whether they are looking for a pet, performance, or show prospect—should have the opportunity to purchase from breeders who are active in the breed (field, show, performance) and doing their best to sound/healthy/happy examples of the breed. We believe that prospective pet owners should educate themselves to know the difference between a reputable breeder and a puppy producer, and should choose to support a breeder.

Process for prospective owners

We breed with the intention of keeping something from the litter, and have puppies to share with select homes. Occasionally we may also have a young adult available to the right home.

Just as we encourage people to ask questions of breeders, we require knowing more about prospective owners of our puppies and dogs.

Our first step is a questionnaire that is designed to help us get to know you better and what kind of dog you are interested in. The questionnaire is our starting point. You will not be considered for a puppy or an adult dog without a completed questionnaire, which you can request through the contact form below.

Generally, we place about half of every litter in pet homes; many pet owners have dogs that could successfully compete in AKC/UKC events. We do not make a profit on our litters; we are hobby breeders because we have a passion for this breed and we want to keep puppies for our future.

Our litters are planned; we do not have puppies available all the time. Even the best laid plans may result in disappointment. Sometimes a breeding results in no pregnancy. Some litters have more puppies than others or more of one sex than another. Generally, litters are spaced about 18 months apart. We do keep a waiting list; and we encourage people interested in a future puppy or adult to request a questionnaire using the contact form below.

We select puppies or available adults for buyers based on the new owner’s expectations and plans for their new dog. We want to keep in touch with our puppy owners for the life of the dog. We transfer dogs directly to new owners.

Gail and John Jackson, Tami Jackson Brazy
Anamacara Irish Setters